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New Foreign Teachers Recruitment

Tel: 079-552-5217
Recruiter name:Ms. Nagata

Regardless of the foreigners or Japanese,
we are always welcoming excellent human resources.


採用担当者名:長田 真理子

私達は、外国人・日本人を問わず 常に優秀な人材を求めています。


Emmeline Pezeshki

Graduate from Graduate school of Kobe University
Resident in Canada
Teaching Period: 2001 〜 2006

May 3 '16

     I studied and worked in Japan for more than 9 years and I taught English for 7 years at various locations in Hyogo prefecture. I was an English Instructor at Study Campus Leo for more than 5 years. Study Campus Leo is by far the best English school I have worked with. They have an excellent curriculum and the teachers and staff are highly educated, well trained, hardworking and friendly. The school evaluates the progress of each of their students on a regular basis. They also have fun events like English concerts, international cooking, Christmas and Halloween. Aside from being paid and treated well at this school, I had a lot of fun teaching English to the students. I would love to teach English at Leo again if given the chance and I highly recommend this English school to parents, prospective students and English teachers.


エメリン ペゼシキー

レオでの指導期間:2001 〜 2006年 



レオにも5年以上英語講師として在籍しましたが、レオは 私が働いた英会話学校の中で ずば抜けて一番の教室でした。カリキュラムが優れており、講師やスタッフもよく教育と訓練がなされており、みんな仕事熱心でとてもフレンドリーな人たちでした。
またイングリッシュ コンサートや世界の料理、クリスマスやハロウィンといった楽しいイベントが盛りだくさんです。




Houman Pezeshki


  Graduate from Graduate school of Kobe University
Resident in Canada
Teaching Period: 2004 〜 2006


May 3 '16

     I taught English at Study Campus Leo for more than 3 years when I was a PhD student. Study Campus Leo is located in Sasayama, a beautiful city in Hyogo that is known for its kuromame[black-beans], Sasayama castle, tourist spots, inoshishi nabe[a hot pot dish of wild boar] and others. The teachers and staff at Study Campus Leo are very professional, educated and well trained. The students are awesome! They study hard and they really love English. When I was working at Leo, we had fun school events like excursions, English concerts, cooking, Halloween and Christmas. Teaching English at Study Campus Leo has been a very fulfilling experience for me and I would recommend the school to anybody who wants to teach English.


フーマン ペゼシキー



私は神戸大学博士課程の時に、3年間以上レオで英語を教えていました。レオの教室は兵庫県の篠山にあります。篠山は黒豆や篠山城址、また ぼたん鍋(猪肉を用いた鍋料理)などが有名な美しい市です。
また レオの生徒さんたちが実に素晴らしい!彼らはとても頑張りやで、みんな英語が大好きです。



Sylvie Abong

  Graduate from Graduate school of Kobe University
Resident in Canada
Teaching Period: 2008 〜 2013 April

May 12 2016

My name is Sylvie and I currently live and work in Toronto Canada. I can pride myself to say I was one of the longest stayed teachers at study Campus Leo. I started working from when I was a student at Kobe University just once a week on Friday. I loved my classes. After graduation, I could not help but to take a full time position here because I had gotten in love not only with the school but with the city.
Study Campus Leo is a renowned name in Sasayama as every single person knows its reputation. It is reputed for excellence and discipline. The students here are unique as we do not only teach them how to speak English but how to use language and be better citizens and this is the part I love most about the school.                 It is a whole learning environment where the focus is on improving the skills of the children through language. We teach them different languages and since language is culture, they learn cultures of different countries and it makes them all rounded individuals. Most students from Study Campus Leo can have conversations with native teachers confidently without fear.
Did I mention the pay? They care for their employees as the pay package and bonus is very motivating. The many outings organised by the school is a great way to travel while working. We travelled to Yamanashi for work and stayed in fancy hotels and stopped by Fujisan.
Who goes camping in luxurious Portopia Hotel in Kobe? Only at Study Campus Leo. Luxury hotel suites, international breakfast and what have you.
The different activities organized by the school are also a great way to motivate children and create an interesting atmosphere for the school. The yearly <international Fair> where the students showcase their talents in arts, music, dance etc is another event that every teacher would be proud to be part of.
One of the most valuable assets that I still have with me is the respect from both the parents and students. The parents are amazing. The “thank you’s”, the cute notes, flowers ,gifts and drawings that I received during my time at the school from both parents and kids made me know I as well liked and I should kept me going. Everyone was so generous and kind.
It is a great place to meet and learn other languages too. I learnt Hindi, Swahili, Bosnian and Bulgarian just by working at Leo. The mix of foreign teachers is a great way to learn along with the students.

Management cares for its people too. The entire Japanese staff is very friendly.
Mr. T is a great boss. He does not only make his students laugh all the time but knows how to get a good laugh with foreign teachers too. He is a very friendly boss with lots of wit and knows how to put his employees at ease.
Mr. L the initial founder is a great mentor. He has amazing ideas and I learnt a lot during meetings from his experiences.( If you can steal some, please do)
What can I say about Ms. N? As the Elementary school head, you will work a lot with her and she is phenomenal. Her huge and welcoming smile, her support from day one of your hire will make you not regret why you chose there.
I can go on forever but they asked me to be short so I will stop here. Remember to eat black beans when you go there and wild boar “nabe “as these are Sasayama delicacies.
Thank you,


シルビー アボン









レオの企画する様々なアクティビティーは子供たちの好奇心をそそり、レオは面白いと言う気持ちにさせます。毎年行われるレオ インターナショナルフェアでは、生徒の皆さんは絵画・音楽・ダンスなどの才能を発揮し、私達もフェアに参加できることをとても誇りに思っています。






Ms. Nは、小学生コースのリーダーとしていつも一緒に仕事していました。いつもにこやかに迎えてくれ、彼女がサポートしてくれるので、レオを仕事場として選ぶのは、絶対に間違い無いと思います。




Aastha Ranabhat

  Graduate from Kobe University
[Graduate school
International cooperation studies]
Resident in Wisconsin, U.S.A
Teaching Period: 2014〜2015

May 2, 2016

Dear Potential Teachers,
I am pleased to recommend Study Campus Leo as a great English Language school to work at. They provide after school English and Math classes to students from some of the best schools in Sasayama. One of the things I loved the most about Study Campus Leo is that they have a very unique approach to teaching English. Not only do they focus on English grammar, vocabulary, phonics, etc., but also use it to teach world culture like basic words in global languages, countries and capitals, world flags, etc. They also teach English with action. Although it might seem like a small part of class, students use English to create and express artwork, plant and water flowers, and cook food together. They also try their best to make learning English fun with games, quizzes and music.

I worked as one of the native English teachers at Study Campus Leo for almost two years and I enjoyed every bit of it. I enjoyed my train ride from Kobe to beautiful and mystic countryside Sasayama, which was all paid for by the school. I also enjoyed the fact that class content was meticulously planned for me beforehand and all I had to do was teach and interact with the students. I found the work especially rewarding because the students were encouraged to be curious, interested and cultured. The fact that the pay was extremely fair and hours were cooperatively flexible made working at Study Campus Leo easy as well. Therefore, I have no complaints and/or grievance with the school and I sincerely recommend it as a great place to work.

アスタ ラナバット




May 2, 2016

現在 求職中の外国人講師の方々へ
私は、スタディーキャンパス レオを素晴らしい英会話学校として推奨します。レオは篠山在住の生徒さんに英語や数学を教えています。また指導カリキュラムがとてもユニークで、私はそれにとても感銘をうけています。単に英文法や英単語、フォニックスの指導だけではなく
英語を使って さまざまな国の言葉や国旗など世界の文化についても教えています。






Sami Ben Fradj

  Graduate from Graduate school of Kobe Design University
Teaching Period: 2013 〜 2016 Mar.


May 10 2016

I am pleased to write about my experience as a teacher in Study Campus Leo. I have been teaching children for the past 3 years in this outstanding cram school and where I have seen myself growing up as a teacher.
More than a professional experience, it was a lifetime experience and an amazing opportunity to integrate a Japanese institution and work as a team of language and pedagogy experts that speak at least two languages and understand very well the language learning process. I was also an opportunity to observe children participation and interaction in class and to evaluate their knowledge.

Different from the usual methods in Japan, Study Campus Leo has proven that through fun, games, activities and communication, children can accomplish new tasks and progress in a courteous and timely manner.
In Study Campus Leo, besides teaching English language, students learn about other countries’ cultures, languages and new ways of thinking by reading text books, watching videos and discussing about it. In fact, the ultimate goal is not only to help students to pass the exam, but we focused on how to develop their critical and creative abilities, learn how to discuss and write meaningfully and how to think independently.

I personally noticed, during this relatively short period, how younger children learned discipline, thinking out of the box and developing their skills in terms of interacting with diverse types of people and adapt faster with new teachers.

Breaking away from the routine, in Study Campus Leo, we always try to immortalize local Festivals such as The Star Festival (Tanabata) or "7-5-3" Festival (Shichi-go-san) as well as international ones such as Christmas or Halloween by teaching students about them, preparing songs, poems, posters and different activities to be performed on the event’s day.

After witnessing many of Study Campus Leo’s students going to the best Japanese Universities, I am convinced that this cram school is going to make a more than valuable contribution to the next generations. That is why I wanted to give my highest recommendation to join this school and live this experience.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to ask more questions.



サミ ベン フラジ

指導期間:2013〜2016 年3月



今 こうしてレオでの経験を皆さんにお伝えできることを嬉しく思います。私はこの素晴らしい教室で3年間 子供たちの指導にあたり、また私自身も講師としてとても成長することができました。

講師としての経験を積めたことはもちろんですが、日本語を学び、多言語を話し、正しい言葉の学び方を理解した上で 言語教育の専門家としてレオで働く事は、生涯を通して素晴らしい経験であり機会でした。また子供たちがクラスで協力し影響しあう様子を見て、彼らの英語力を評価する機会にも恵まれました。


英語学習以外にレオの生徒たちは他国の文化や言葉についても学びます。テキストを読み、ビデオを見て 英語で話し合うことで新しい考え方を身につけます。事実、最終ゴールは試験に合格することだけではありません。判断力や創造力を鍛え、討論の仕方や中身のある文章の書き方を学び、自学力・自考力をつけることもまた大切なことなのです。

比較的短い期間ではありましたが、教室で小さな子供たちが規律を学び 創意工夫し 色々なタイプの仲間と交流する姿を見ることができました。また新しい講師ともすぐに打ち解ける彼らの柔軟さに感心させられたものです。



なにか質問があれば なんでも私にきいて下さい。 サミ